18 March 2018


Mobius Software provides the complete solution for a system for monitoring and controlling the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 – applicable from May 25, 2018 – Personal Data Protection.

Who is covered by this regulation?     

  • Authorities and public institutions     
  • Utilities Providers: Energy, gas, water, sanitation, public transport, communications, etc   
  • Health: Ministry, Hospitals, polyclinics, family doctors, pharmacies, insurance houses, public health directions …     
  • Services: media, marketing, training companies, HR services, hotel services …     
  • Commercial companies: retail, online stores, distribution, shopping chains or restaurants, etc 
  • Suppliers of IT products and services: software makers, online stores, hosting services, online payment operators, online stores, suppliers Security hw and sw     
  • Banking: Banks, insurers, financial services, leasing companies, pension funds …

What does compliance with Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data for an organization mean?    

  •  Accurate, audited and monitored procedures     
  • Highlighted and recorded training of staff involved in these operations     
  • Communication at the organization level of procedures and regulatory elements that are related to personal data processing     
  • Planned and recorded control activities     
  • Audit of the activity associated with the processing of personal data     
  • Risk management associated with the processing of personal data and applied measures     
  • Legal compliance of these actions and documents associated with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation     
  • Traceability and record (history) of activity associated with GDPR issues     
  • All of the above are checked against over 70 compliance criteria     
  • Planning actions and activities to be carried out for the purpose of organizational compliance

What can Mobius Software do to comply with an organization with the requirements of Regulation 679/2016?

Full consultancy and assistance for administrative compliance, from initial assessment to full compliance, as well as after-care services including DPO services, legal advice, technical and administrative advice.

Our experts cover the following areas:     

  • Administrative (processes, procedures, risk identification, evaluation and monitoring)  
  • Internal Audit (processes, procedures, activities)     
  • IT Audit and Information Security     
  • Physical Security Audit     
  • Legal assistance     
  • IT support and related services     
  • Protection of personal data (specialists)     
  • Processing of special data


The software solution proposed by us is a Corporate Governance System – designed to provide all the elements of functional administrative compliance of the organization with that regulation.

Furthermore, our experts will assist in defining and implementing the compliance plan. Together with our partners, we also provide other related services, such as:

  • Legal assistance in verifying contracts and communicating to personal data owners with whom you interact, or with your partners, evaluating and amending your privacy agreements, etc.
  • Analyzing and developing work procedures to ensure compliance
  • Information audit (identification and inventory of personal data and how it is processed, stored, transferred, archived, deleted, communicated with the owners upon their request)
  • Security Audit (Physical and IT)     Third-party solutions for punctual compliance
  • Identification of the risks and measures required, procedures, responsible, working methodology.
  • DPO Assist,
  • Hosting and technical support applications, including GDPR application in virtual environments
  • Technical support and maintenance of IT systems and communications, antivirus updates, etc