18 March 2018


Mobius’s operational management system is based on the Mobius EIP – Enterprise Information Portal platform – hence the native integration of components into consolidating the specific solutions for each deployment.

When do you know that a company or organization is ready or needs an operational management system?     

  • when the company / organization operates an operative dispatch     
  • when it comes to prediction of operational costs     
  • when it comes to ensuring a minimum / optimal operational level     
  • when it comes to the use of performance indicators within the process of managing and coordinating the activity     
  • when traceability and quality management (the existence of quality management systems) means more than “a certification on the wall of the organization”     
  • when it comes to a company strategy for a minimum of 3 years with measurable objectives     
  • when management wants a clear traceability of responsibility within the organization and a precise assessment of performance.

Essentially, this is a set of software components for operational management:     

  • Component / Dispatch Module     
  • Document management     
  • CRM & Time Track     
  • Project Management     
  • Task Management     
  • Quality management     
  • Incident management     

Component (GRC) software to ensure administrative compliance with GDPR provisions These components are support functions used to implement our corporate governance solutions, asset management, internal managerial control, hazard risk management systems, monitoring and control systems.

Components work individually or integrated, based on the same collaborative platform.

All of Mobius products/ solutions are multilanguage ready.