Research / development services

Research services are offered to those beneficiaries who are looking to optimize their company activity by determining evaluation algorithms and / or forecasting algorithms for certain parameters.

The research development services provided always have a purpose in working processes, approach (procedures, verification mechanisms) or effectively new methodologies / calculation mechanisms to better approximate the values ​​required by users or decision makers.


  • Identifying ineffective work processes     
  • Benchmarking by defining and analyzing parameters for similar water distribution networks
  • Analyze cause cause and automate alert overtaking indicators / trigger predefined response / decision automation / feedback response loops     
  • Determinations using probabilistic – statistical simulation tools

These services can be accomplished by precisely defining the required data sets and their accuracy, frequency of collection and then automation mechanisms for data analysis, validation and reporting.

Functional Analysis of the Organization

Providing this advisory service is designed to provide a functional analysis of your organization.

The Finality of the Consultation Process – is a document that identifies the following:     

  • The main core and related activities carried out by the organization’s staff, at the level of each department in the composition, and the manner in which human resources, material resources, time resources and information resources are allocated and used.     
  • The degree of procedure of the activities carried out, the adequacy of the procedures to the current reality and the main sources of error in the activities.     
  • The main risks and their level (identifying the main vulnerabilities / elements of criticality).
  • Specific objectives of departments in composition     
  • A model for measuring / evaluating and managing the performance of the organization’s staff 
  • Proposals to streamline the organization’s work.

These services can be performed for general purpose of functional improvement or limited to specific purposes (example: compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – on the protection of personal data)

Auditing services of computer systems

The audit of the IT system is a branch of the general audit dealing with the control of information and communication technologies; studies, first of all, computer systems and networks in terms of examining the effectiveness of technical and procedural control to minimize risks. Audit of the IT system involves discussions with personnel that specifies, develops, tests, manages, manages and uses computing systems.

We offer the following IT audit types:     

  • Evaluation of a computer system to provide reasonable assurance of its operation, necessary assurance, including financial audit or performance audits, to which the entity is subject;   
  • Performance evaluation of the implementation and use of information systems;     
  • Joint audit missions by integrating the three types of audit: financial audit, performance audit and IT audit, to be carried out in joint missions, depending on the objectives set;

Assessment of an integrated IT system and / or individual applications used to support decision-making (IT systems used to record, process and obtain results, operational and synthetic situations at all reporting levels) within the audited entity. Expanding the use of information technology in all areas, including financial-accounting systems, involving both the extension of IT controls within the audited entity’s internal control system, generates the need to refine traditional auditing models and extend the audit of IT systems in the work of the unit.

Testing and evaluation services of computer systems security

Known as “Ethical Hacking” or “Computer Security Security Penetration Testing,” these services aim to assess the security of computer systems using automated scanning systems or specific operations manually conducted by specialized engineers. For data protection, attacks are attempted by specific technicians to identify the level of exposure to computer risks.

Based on these simulations, the conclusions are gathered and a report is produced showing the vulnerabilities of the systems being verified and the measures to be taken to eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Custom software analysis and development services

Working methodology, high-performance development technology and tools allow us to create software-specific solutions for any type of industry or service.

We have an important portfolio of functional components which enables us to quickly develop and implement new solutions in various fields of activity:     

  • Dispatched systems and decision support, monitoring and control     
  • Quality Management Systems / Corporate Governance     
  • Management indicators of water companies     
  • Managing and intervening emergency situations     
  • Oil and Gas Systems and Equipment Monitoring     
  • Local and central public administration     
  • Service Providers     
  • Management and exploitation of natural resources     
  • Carbon Emissions Management Associated with Various Projects     
  • Waste management     
  • Management of contaminated sites     
  • Data collection, synthetic analysis and reporting, integration with other systems