18 March 2018


Operating asset management is developed on the basis of Mobius UEAM (Unified Electronic Asset Management).

Operational asset management is a set of practices and policies of the company to maintain and monitor all resources in the optimum state with the goal of delivering the best services or products.

Operational asset management is a combination of managing economic, financial and engineering operational life practices including research and innovation, construction, maintenance, use and layoffs.

An asset management policy is required to inform the decision-making team about the delivery of its products and services, thus bringing monetary value to the entire business.

An overview of assets along with maintenance and improvement costs is vital to any business. The complete set of operational processes that is documented a cost, risk, and other aspect is critical to asset management.

Continuous improvement based on measured performance along with a plan that includes both corrective actions and preventive actions is critical to asset management.

Completely designed and developed in the past 6 years by our company, Mobius UEAM manages the entire maintenance process by being adaptable from complex infrastructure (water-canal networks, power networks, railway networks) to simple business as fleets. Mobius EAM is scalable and flexible software, with the flexibility to adapt to the needs and specifics of your company. The Mobius UEAM system provides accurate planning and tracking of your company’s resources, making it possible to make clear predictions about production, inventory, supply chain, costs and cash flow, delivery times and customer order delivery times in optimal parameters. With the implementation of the Mobius UEAM program, you will have a clear, real-time view of all processes and activity streams in your company with the capability to address the following needs or questions:
  • I want to have an overview of the level of health and safety of assets.
  • I want to know that the investments made are safe.
  • I want to be able to optimally control the resources I have.
  • Where do I find all the information on the equipment and its history?
  • How can I maintain and manage all my works, purchases and quality systems efficiently? Current reports and technical data reflect functional reality?