Mobius Software products and solutions are based on the Mobius Platform EIP – a collaborative web platform, developed and maintained to the latest operating and security standards.

This platform integrates different functions such as:     

  • Document management     
  • Project Management    
  •  Task management     
  • Incident management     
  • Management of the quality assurance system     
  • GIS Components     
  • Operational management of staff

Also, the paltform is capable of integrating with various other systems. Starting from the platform’s capabilities and integration of various components, specific solutions with a high degree of complexity have been achieved in a very short time. The operation of the solutions is highly appreciated by the beneficiaries due to their native integration through MOBIUS EIP.

So we have the solutions:     

  • MOBIUS Smart SCIM     
  • MOBIUS Hazard Risk Management     
  • MOBIUS GRC – corporate governance system     
  • MOBIUS UEAM – Enterprise Asset Management (Operational)     
  • MOBIUS ITAM – IT Asset Management     
  • MOBIUS Operational Management     
  • GREEN MANAGER     and other solutions developed specifically in record time for the various needs of our clients:     
  • FANICA – consumption monitoring system for PET & OMV’s E & P division     
  • Carbon Emissions Monitoring System for the Ministry of Development     
  • Management of contaminated sites