18 March 2018


SMART SCIM BSC GRC – The Informational Solution for Managerial Internal Control and strategic management in an organization created by MOBIUS SOFTWARE – is the only solution on the Romanian market that provides a complete administrative framework for the implementation and functional maintenance of a managerial internal control system. The SMART SCIM BSC GRC solution ensures the complete administrative implementation of the Managing Internal Control System in accordance with SGG ORDINANCE no. 600/2018and BSC Framework.

The concept of internal control

Broad acceptance – internal control is the answer to the question “what can be done to have the best control over the activities?” Definition: “Internal control is the set of policies and procedures designed and implemented by management and staff of the public entity to provide reasonable assurance of: Achieving the objectives of the public entity in an economical, efficient and effective manner; compliance with external rules and policies and management rules; protecting goods and information; preventing and detecting fraud and mistakes; the quality of accounting documents and the timely production of reliable information about the financial and management segment. ”

The five elements of internal control are:

  • Defining and representing the control environment
  • Performance and risk management
  • Information and communication
  • Control activities (scorecard, benchmarking, risk monitoring, etc.)
  • Auditing and evaluation

The current legislation establishes “Internal Control Standards” which are a minimum set of management rules that must be applied in any public entity; This regulation of the internal management / control standards seeks, on the one hand, to create a unitary and coherent management model for public entities and, on the other hand, to use standards as a reference system against which quality is assessed management systems of public entities.


Internal control system tools


It represents the positive effects that management is trying to achieve or the negative events / effects that management is trying to avoid.

The means:

The ensemble of human, financial and material resources, viewed in connection with the achievement of the objectives.

Information System:

It represents all the processes, methods and means usable at the entity level in the information process as a result of the operations of collecting, processing, systematizing, transmitting, capitalizing and storing data and information.


It is a set of measures, methods, techniques, means and operations, whereby the management establishes the procedural and structural components of the public entity in order to achieve the proposed objectives


All the steps to follow, the working methods set up and the rules to be applied in order to perform the task, task or task. The effective implementation of the internal control management system is based on mature, fully integrated products.

The SMART SCIM (Known also as MOBIUS GRC) solution that assures the IT implementation of the Managerial Internal Control System is the collaborative portals, based on state-of-the-art technology. The solution assures risk management in the organization, correlated with employee activity and assessment, as well as management of documents and processes necessary to implement effective management control. The implementation framework designed to implement the Managing Internal Control System ensures the full implementation of the OSGG 600, with subsequent modifications and additions.

The SMART SCIM BSC GRC solution provides the Mobius BSC GRC component to define Balanced Score Card items:    

The proposed IT solution manages and uses as a basis the four perspectives:         

Financial Perspective        

Customer Perspective         

Operational Perspective (Processes and Management Systems)         

Development Learning Perspective (Resources)     

Obviously, the impact on predictable evolution is conditioned by the factors: Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technology, Environment, Legislative …

Besides the strategic approach of the management of the organization, one can consider the integration of the concepts of Balanced Score Card and of the Organizational Risk Management.

In conclusion, the presented solution, MOBIUS SMART SCIM / GRC with BSC elements, also brings a methodology to implement a cyclical system for defining strategic objectives based on the causal relationship between the organization’s processes, organizational alignment and cascading of objectives to the level to implement the strategy on the basis of strategic initiatives and closing the management loop, based on measuring, learning, testing change and adapting strategic objectives. The solution is developed after a 12-year effort and is set in a technologically modern functional framework in recent years.

Elements studied and functionally integrated within this solution:     

  • COSO Internal Control     
  • COSO Enterprise Risk Management     
  • Balanced Score Card     
  • Enterprise Risk Management     
  • ISO 27001/2015     
  • Iso 9001/2015     
  • ISO 31000/2018

Note: In order to succeed in implementing this solution, especially in the environment of public organizations / institutions, they must be able to define their strategic strategy, strategic objectives and associated indicators that are measurable. “What You Can not Measure Can not Improve” :)).